Welcome to my page! I am Marija Selakovic, a researcher and software engineer. My main research activities are in the area of automated program analysis and testing for improving software quality. These topics I discovered in 2014 when I joined TU Darmstadt as a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Michael Pradel. After exiting and very productive four and a half years, I completed my studies with the dissertation on Actionable Program Analyses for Improving Software Performance. Before moving to Germany, I had a great opportunity to study at VU University Amsterdam and University of L’Aquila, where I obtained a Master’s degree in Software Engineering. My master thesis focuses on Application of MDE principles in the JEE design and development and was done in the collaboration with IBM, The Netherlands. Besides my master studies, I have also worked as Academy Assistant at Network Institute of VU University Amsterdam. Furthermore, my journey as a computer scientist started at University of Belgrade, where I completed my bachelor studies in Information Systems and Technology.

After finishing Ph.D., I decided to continue my career in industry, and in September 2019 I joined Huawei Research Center in Dresden as a senior research engineer. At Huawei, I worked on code analysis and testing for addressing concurrency issues in low-level software. After a year and a half at Huawei, I moved again back to the Frankfurt area and started working at Merck KGaA as an innovation manager.